Making Meal Prep

Simple + Sustainable

Reusable Container Program

In order to address waste and sustainability, a big issue in the meal delivery business, we are providing a fully reusable containers that we swap out with each order!

Simply wash the containers after your meal and set them aside to exchange at next week's delivery. After we collect the containers they are put through a complete sanitization process in our industrial system before being reused. A true zero-waste system!

Container Swap Instructions

  1. Eat your delicious meal.

  2. Clean containers and lids - sauce cups are not reusable, please recycle them until our compostable versions arrive!

  3. Stack containers up and set them aside for next week.

  4. Set the containers outside during the next week's delivery window and we will collect them upon dropping off your new set of meals.

Our Containers

  1. Dishwasher safe - top rack only to avoid melting

  2. Microwave safe - remove lid before microwaving

  3. BPA-free - completely food-safe

If you decide not to order again, we can arrange an alternative pickup arrangement for the containers.



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