Our Meals

At Sprout Society, we pour our heart and soul into sharing our passion for healthy eating. If you ever thought that vegan cuisine was boring, we are here to rewrite that playbook.


We believe in eating what you love, so why not do our part to make plant-based eating more loveable?


Wonderfully Gourmet

We believe in meals that are healthy while never compromising on deliciousness. Creativity and variety are key to plant-based cooking. Our promise to you is that we always keep your palate mesmerized and satisfied so that you never feel like you’re in a culinary rut.

Power Packed

Plants are by far the most nutrient dense foods we can eat. We ensure that all of our meals are nutritionally balanced, packed with protein, full of fibre and rich in vitamins and minerals, they are designed to bring out the athlete in all of us.

Convenience is queen

Time is our most valuable resource, and we hope to give you a chunk of it back. Our meals are fully prepared and delivered straight to your door so that you always have a delicious and healthy option on hand. No shopping, no cooking, no cleaning, no fuss - the ultimate easy button.



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