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How are my meals delivered?

  • Completely contactless doorstep delivery.

  • We recommend having someone home to receive the delivery during the drop-off window in order to maintain the freshest product possible! 


  • If you need any flexibility on your shipping time, please let us know!

  • Either an alternative delivery time or a dedicated time for you to come pick up your order directly from our kitchen may be possible.

  • We currently only provide delivery within Calgary city limits.

  • Outside the city limits? We may be able to set up an alternate location for you to pick up from! Please contact us for delivery details.

What I am not available for delivery?

Where do you deliver?

Other Details

Designing Our Menu

Food Allergies + Preferences

All of our dishes can be made fully gluten friendly

While our menu is starting off small, it only leaves us with more room to grow! Our goal is to always keep it changing to keep you excited because we know that one of the biggest challenges with with meal prep is having to eat the same meal over and over and over!


We are constantly seeking the freshest and highest quality ingredients and preparing them in the most exciting ways possible so that our flavours will always keep you guessing.

All of our sauces, curries, dressings, etc. are 100% gluten-friendly, ALWAYS!  We do occasionally use a gluten-containing base such as pasta or couscous, but we will always provide a FREE gluten friendly swap, wether it be rice noodles or quinoa as examples. We do operate out of a shared kitchen space and other clients do use gluten-containing products. We ensure proper sanitization of equipment, however there may always be a chance of cross-contamination. Other major allergens such as egg and seafood simply don't exist in our kitchen #plantlife!


Any other allergies or preferences can be noted on your account under your "Preferences"  and if there is anything that we feel we can't accommodate, we will contact you and figure out an alternative.

Portion Sizes + Shelf Life

One thing that we know for sure is that you will never leave hungry. We make sure that our meals are always packed with protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates to keep you feeling satisfied for hours helping to fuel your day. Our regular portion is perfect size for one hungry human, averaging 360g to 450g per portion.

All of our meals are designed to stay fresh for 5 days with proper storage.

Order + Delivery Schedule

Our meals are made fresh and on demand meaning that they are always as fresh as possible when they are delivered to you on Sunday evening. All orders must be placed before 9:00 PM on Wednesday evening and meals will be delivered on Sunday between 4:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

Our mission is to make our service as easy and convenient as possible for you, so as our business expands, we hope to add a second delivery day in order to provide more flexibility.



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